Submission Guidelines: 

All literature can be seen as a commentary on science and medicine, if the reader chooses to read it as such - it is in pursuit of this perspective that we have chosen to build a database of book reviews for our students. We would like to keep the focus of this database on a narrative based critical analysis of the cross section between literature and science, so all submissions must include the following guidelines:

  1. The review must include some focus on science or healthcare

  2. The review must include a literary analysis based in either narratology or close reading

    1. Narratology refers to the practice of exploring narrative and focuses specifically on identifying narrator biases, diction, and structure of the piece (what does it mean if the story is written linearly? As an epistolary? etc.)

    2. Close reading refers to the act of focusing on the text itself as it informs the storytelling by establishing patterns or details that give insight into deeper meanings of the plot.

  3. The review must include one reference to a clinical setting in which the concepts approached in the review can be used effectively  

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