narrative, n.: An account of a series of events, facts, etc., given in order and with the establishing of connections between them; a story

Georgia G. hall Film Series

We hope to provide an opportunity to view medicine through film and facilitate conversations of inclusion and diversity in medical perspective.

ChArt Journal

Our purpose is to promote reflection, create community and inspire humanism through creation, sharing and appreciation of the arts and humanities.

Narrative & Diversity Book Club

The current reading for this semester is Ask me why I hurt By
Dr. Randy Christensen

Writers' Group

OUr writers' group meets on the third wednesday of every month in room B-301 of the health sciences education building

Grey Matter

The NMHH POetry blog.

"The field of narrative medicine has emerged gradually from a confluence of sources - humanities and medicine, primary care medicine, contemporary narratology, and the study of effective doctor-patient relationships. A clinical cousin of literature-and-medicine and a literary cousin of relationship-centered care, narrative medicine provides health care professionals with practical wisdom in comprehending what patients endure in illness and what they themselves undergo in the care of the sick"

-- from Dr. Rita Charon's Narrative Medicine: Honoring the Stories of Illness


Stories in Medicine

Fostering an understanding, reflective environment by sharing creative insight to promote humanism in medicine among all individuals.

Stories in ink

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The Story Project Podcast

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Peer-reviewed: The Blog

Writing Lab

A space to find the resources you need to improve your writing!