narrative, n.: An account of a series of events, facts, etc., given in order and with the establishing of connections between them; a story

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September is Suicide Awareness Month!

Sept 9th, 2019 : Film & Medicine Community Engagement Event

HSEB Building, B108 Lecture Hall

5-5:30 Hors D’Oeuvres Reception

5:30-6:30 Film

6:30-7:15 Panel Discussion


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Listen to the latest episode of The Story Project:

narrative medicine

"The field of narrative medicine has emerged gradually from a confluence of sources - humanities and medicine, primary care medicine, contemporary narratology, and the study of effective doctor-patient relationships. A clinical cousin of literature-and-medicine and a literary cousin of relationship-centered care, narrative medicine provides health care professionals with practical wisdom in comprehending what patients endure in illness and what they themselves undergo in the care of the sick"

-- from Dr. Rita Charon's Narrative Medicine: Honoring the Stories of Illness