55 Word Stories

Description According to Dr. Colleen T. Fogarty Published in Family Medicine, 2010

Fifty-five word stories are brief pieces of creative writing that use elements of poetry, prose, or both to encapsulate key experiences in health care. These stories have appeared in Family Medicine and JAMA and have been used to teach family medicine faculty development fellows. Writers and readers of 55-word stories gain insight into key moments of the healing arts; the brevity of the pieces adds to both the writing and reading impact. Fifty five word stories may be used with trainees to stimulate personal reflection on key training experiences or may be used by individual practitioners as a tool for professional growth.

After reviewing the linked materials and/or attending the bioethics symposium, write a reflective response. This could be a reflection on the story of those you’ve heard about or how their experiences have impacted you/your story.

Option A:

  • Write non-stop (stream of consciousness) for 3- 5 minutes.

  • Review and condense into a 55-word story

Option B:

  • Start with a 7-word story (consider *beginning, middle, end*)

  • Expand into a 55-word story