Winston Liu - Falun Gong Survivor Notable Quotes

Never did I expect to be thrown into prison and tortured for committing no crimes in my homeland”

Before finding Falun Gong I was actually searching for a faith to fill that void. I received guidance about how I can be more responsible in my life and how to become a better person, increasingly. So, Falun Gong filled the void that had been left in my heart by…the destruction of traditional Chinese culture.”

“We have been consistently denied all common rights…"

“After an extensive physical assessment, we were put onto a list of unwilling live organ donors”

A police man beat me down and dragged me by my feet about 20 feet to the car….that was just the start”

They used my peers, my professors, faculty, and my family as leverage to try to break my will.”

“My parents wept openly in front of me regularly”

In the following days, the police men repeatedly shocked me with an electric baton…and threatened to kill me”

“I experienced mental torture, as well as physical torture….they tried to break my nerve [through solitary confinement]”

“I would be used as a tool for the communists to fabricate a fact…to defame the Falun Gong…and justify the prosecution.”

“the reminder…continues to eat me away to this day”

“The systematic policies of eradicating Falun Gong allows the police to treat practitioners as sub-human”

I could be killed at anytime as long as my physical index matched with a patient looking for an organ”

“When I saw the Falun Gong practitioners practicing in a local park on a summer morning in Canada, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I felt I was feeling the freedom I hadn’t seen in years.”

“My wife was finally released in 2010…she gave up hope of ever being allowed to live with me and filed for divorce. Though we were married for fifteen years, we only spent one year together due to the prosecution.”