Quotes from "Human Harvesting"

“The number of transplants done in China grew from 150 in 1999 up to 10,000 by 2008.”

"[They] told us the liver came from an executed death row prisoner…”

[He] came in with a list of names, stopped on one…and came back with two kidneys….they weren’t a match, so went back to the list…four times”

They only way they could be doing this is if they had a source of living donors for transplants on demand…the organ transplants become the main source of the execution.”

Of the several thousand [Falun Gong] practitioners there, many had their corneas, kidneys, livers….removed and their bodies were [incinerated] to destroy the evidence.”

“…[there is] the need for people anywhere to act on violations everywhere….”

“…you don’t need to go and investigate that, we’ll tell you exactly what’s going on with [the Falun Gong]”

“Are there any organs from Falun Gong practitioners? I hear the good ones come from them. [Doctor] What we have here is all that type…they come fresh.”

We want fresh live ones [Receptionist] yes they are all alive.”

“You need to go to the prison to select [the organs]? [Surgeon] yes, we select them in person”

“We were not all blood tested, but the Falun Gong were”

I heard a gun shot and to my surprise, the blood was still flowing…she was still alive…I removed the liver and two kidneys. It took me thirty minutes.”