G. Weldon Gilcrease, III, MD - Notable Quotes

There is a difference between a criminal who is sitting in a prison that has gone through the Chinese criminal penal system, and a prisoner of conscience…who hasn’t done anything wrong, even according to the communist policies.”

Culturally, the Chinese do not donate their organs….because of the belief that the body should stay intact after death”

“Truth is very hard to tolerate by the Chinese Communist Party”

“I don’t think you can separate the educational aspect of teaching from the ethical responsibilities that it carries.”

“This is not a political issue, this is a human rights issue.”

This is either willful ignorance, or [educators and administrators] are more worried about what’s happening in their world to care”

I don’t think it’s up to just our government….the WHO…our institutions…it is all our personal responsibilities to make this stop.

“This was called controversial, but the controversy wasn’t whether or not it was happening, it was about touching the third rail.”

“Do not confuse the Chinese Communist Party with China…this is for the safety of the Chinese people”